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Are you separated or going to separate? Are you struggling with how to parent together? You both want what is best for your child(ren) and yet find it hard to get past the wounds each has inflicted on the other in the past.

You are not alone. Many couples face difficulties co-parenting after a split. Talking with a co-parenting counsellor in Burlington will help you focus on the child(ren) and develop a co-parenting strategy.

Don’t go through this difficult time alone—reach out for help today.

Counselling For Co Parents

What Is Co-Parenting Counselling?

Co-parenting counselling is designed to help separated or divorced parents navigate the challenging emotional terrain of raising children in their family landscape. It helps to ensure that both parties involved view each other collaboratively in working toward a child’s better future and well-being, rather than seeing disagreements or conflicting opinions as an opportunity to criticize or attack the other person.

This can be hugely beneficial for children whose parents are no longer together, providing them with improved communication structures between their parents as well as guidance on more effective co-parenting strategies.

How Can Co-Parenting Counselling Benefit You?

Co-parenting counselling is an invaluable tool to help parents communicate better and make decisions that are in the best interests of their children. Through regular sessions with a family counsellor, parents can learn the following:

  • Conflict resolution techniques and how to become better equipped to handle disagreements in a respectful way.
  • Shared parenting strategies so that both sides have a say when it comes to important decisions in their children’s lives.
  • How to put aside differences and put their child(ren)’s needs first.
  • Communication strategies to better express themselves in a respectful manner, without sarcasm, rudeness, or insults.
  • A co-parenting model that leads to positive outcomes for their children and sets them up for success into adulthood.

Counsellors understand the emotional dynamics of co-parenting relationships and are focused on finding solutions that will help keep family life functioning as smoothly as possible.

How Does Counselling for Co-Parents Work at Family Matters Centre?

At Family Matters Centre, we offer a range of therapies and strategies as part of our co-parenting counselling in Burlington to help parents to build a more cohesive relationship when parenting their children together.

Through communication exercises, couples gain tools to use when discussing difficult topics such as discipline and decision-making. Collaborative problem-solving is used to help parents develop co-operative interaction styles so they can work towards resolution of conflicts in the family.

Couples also utilize emotionally intelligent dialogue which encourages each parent to have empathy and understanding for the other’s perspective. The goal of co-parenting counselling or marriage counselling is for the adults in the family environment to adjust their behaviours so that their children can grow up with two loving, supportive parents who understand how their actions affect everyone in the family.

Why Choose Family Matters Centre for Co-Parenting Counselling?

Family Matters Centre is the perfect place to turn to when you find yourself in need of co-parenting counselling. Not only will we provide couples with impartial guidance, but we will also provide a safe space for co-parents to communicate and build their relationship, as well as a space for children to process their emotions in our child therapy groups. The sessions combine practical advice with supportive listening in order to foster a healthy environment for any family unit.

Whether you are dealing with an amicable divorce or looking for ways to strengthen an existing bond between parents, Family Matters Centre has the resources and expertise to make co-parenting counselling a beneficial experience. We offer in-person or virtual sessions in Burlington, Hamilton, Milton, and Oakville.

If you are interested in learning more about our family counselling services in Burlington, call us today at (905) 466-8023 or fill out our contact form to request an appointment.

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