7 Harmful Health Risks Of Stomach Weight Gain

The stomach is among the primary places where body fat collects and regrettably it's the most harmful place.

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Whenever you put on weight around your middle, you're coping with two kinds of body fat, subcutaneous body fat and visceral body fat.

Subcutaneous body fat lies directly on the surface of your muscles it's the body fat that will roll over the top of your jeans the muffin top.

Another kind of body fat, visceral body fat, lies deeper within you, hidden underneath your muscles, and is a remarkably harmful body fat.

Heres what it can do to your health:

1. Increases your chance of developing cardiovascular disease

2. Increases your chance of developing diabetes

3. Causes high blood pressure and stroke

4. Causes sleep apnea a slow dying which deprives your mind of oxygen

5. Increases your chance of developing cancer

6. Increases your chance of developing degenerative illnesses

7. Also it can cause inflammation throughout your body.

"The greater your degree of energy, the greater efficient the body. The greater efficient the body, the greater you are feeling and also the more you'll use your abilities to create outstanding results." ~ Anthony Robbins

Belly fat looks cute on young puppies and babies but once you're a grownup, it's simply harmful. The good thing is that by adopting a good plan, you can develop fab looking abs and get the looks and health that you deserve.

Imagine being proud of your body and your fab abs whenever you look in the mirror. You'll be proud to go to the beach this summer and that's what you want, isn't it?

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