Apple iPad Mini Review

ToddlerYap rates the Apple iPad Mini as the best tablet for toddlers. Although we can go for a child-specific tablet at a third of the price, as with any purchase, we must think of quality for what we are paying. We don't want to purchase a product we find is bad quality, citing that it was no wonder it didn't cost a whole lot we really don't want to regret not spending an extra few dollars on something a little better.

While many of the other options are sufficient for a toddler in their own right, if you are willing to spend a few dollars more for a top-notch tablet, the iPad mini is an excellent choice.

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While you may not think specs such as processor speed matter to a toddler, think of how impatient we adults are when waiting for something to display after we click what do we do? We click again. Yes, we are impatient by nature. Now think of your toddler. We try to teach them patience but how often do you see the toddler banging and hitting something that won't respond fast enough? Ok, so do you see my point with processor speed? They are even more impatient than adults they won't click or touch the icon again, they'll thump it! The iPad mini is a high quality tablet that will deliver educational material to your little one and hours of entertainment and you may even use it as a family tablet.

As the name suggests, the iPad mini is basicly a mini iPad with a 7.9 inch screen. So it is suitable for smaller hands but powerful and enough for the whole family. It runs on the Apple iOS (Apples operating system) and has a Dual-Core A5 Chip. The iPad Mini is available with either Wifi only or Wifi with LTE (your cellular carrier's LTE network, which is a high speed data network for mobile devices). The iPad mini has 16GB capacity and up to 10 hours of battery life (depending on usage).

Parents can set restrictions to prevent apps being downloaded or deleted along with several other options. Guided access is another feature that will allow your toddler to play a certain app and gives options to block the home button, touch, motion or a combination of any of those. This is especially useful for a very young would-be techy toddler! You can open a fisher price app for example and the toddler will not be able to play anything but that app. As the toddler grows, you can expand the tablets capacity. The restrictions feature can be used to prevent the toddler from deleting apps, downloading apps, using the camera, facetime and several other options.

There are a huge amount of Apps available from iTunes for the iPad some free, some paid. Paid apps generally range between 99cents and $5 dollars. There are a lot of free quality apps available that are both fun and educational for a toddler. It is a good idea to try out the app before letting the toddler play; some of the free apps come with pop-up style ads that can be quite annoying as the child will click on the ad leading them to attempt to connect to the App store to upgrade to the paid version. However, if you have restrictions set on the iPad, the App store will not be accessible. My little girl plays with many free apps and even when a pop-up upgrade ad appears, she has learned to dismiss it and continue to her game or activity! Yes, our next generation are technology-savvy!

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