Character comparison : Batman vs Altair from Assassins Creed

"I have seen what comes of those who raise themselves above others."

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Altair and Batman are two awesome characters from two different universes. Batman is a DC comics creation whereas Altair is the creation of Ubisoft Studios. But both of them have some things which are common personality traits. For example, both are very knowledgeable persons with a lot of understanding of the world around them. Also it is seen that both are logical persons who like to ask questions. Batman is an outlaw vigilante who grants justice to the masses. Altair on the other hand is a trained master assassin whose job is to eliminate targets and kill people. Altair follows his master Al Mualim and his instructions, seldom does he question the authority imposed on him by his mater. Whereas on the other hand Batman answers to no one. He carries out justice in his own style and doesn't care about the outcome till he feels he is right!

While Altair doesn't hesitate to kill, Batman has a strict policy of not killing people. He doesn't use any lethal weapons. Altair being an assassin does his job which is killing and he does it quick.

Both the characters are same when it comes to stealth and theatricality. Both of have a taste for these things. Batman being a trained Ninja and Altair being a trained assassin both are masters in deception and hiding in crowds or dark places.

Though same on the exterior both the characters are worlds apart internally. Both have different motives, different personas.

To compare both would be like a war of massive scales, because we have fans on both the sides.

Personally I am a Batman Fan boy and on my awesome score list Altair doesn't even come close. But still both the characters are awesome enough to hold their own ground against each other. So we rule this as a tie against both of them!

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