Social networks such as Facebook and Twitter have gone beyond 'finding friends'

Social networks such as Facebook and Twitter have gone beyond 'finding friends' offering single people genuine options to expand their romantic prospects.

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With Twitter and Facebook , members are able to include personal details about themselves, upload videos and snapshots, add friends (or strangers), as well as interact with other social net workers about anything and everything. Thanks to the global reach of Facebook etc the once stigma plagued online dating scene has been thrust into the 21st century allowing cyberspace daters to included the power of social networking as a means of diversifying their love hunt.

Most young single people are savvy enough to detect when something isn't right. Starting off on the right foot matters, so don't be tempted into mis-leading other people with a deceptive profile. Unlike traditional online dating sites, dating on Facebook allows prospective daters to verify who they are contacting simply be delving into one's Facebook page to assess if their dating profile stacks up against their Facebook page. Because Facebook and Twitter are the norm these days, dating online has now become the new cool, just ask any young single guy or girl! No more being labeled as desperate, there's far less stigma and after all, you have a list of Facebook 'friends' to socialize with and the contacts to back it up.

Spice up your profile and list as many things as possible that make you sound interesting as a way to gain people's attention. Do be mindful that the Internet has many 'snakes in the grass', spammers and stalkers so it's essential to never post your contact details or specific details about your real life routines.

Engage the audience with your status updates as well as the information you post. Try and remain impartial towards your views and refrain from making bias statements about religion or politics. Also avoid ranting about your own personal issues such as how much you hate your ex or job and try not to come across as a drama queen.

Resist sending out Twitter updates 50 times a day, you'll be seen as a pest rather than a potential romantic interest. Always stay within the bounds of online etiquette and update a well thought out statement once or twice a day.

The online dating sector has integrated it's technologies with the likes of Facebook. There is a wide selection of dating apps (many are free) single people can download as a means to capitalize on the global success of the Facebook audience. A popular dating app you could try is iWould. Once downloaded, you'll be able to choose from 10 of your Facebook friends within your contact list with whom you may consider a romantic possibility. Your profile is then cross referenced with those also using the app, the apps sophisticated algorithm then matches up potential dates and notifies the respective people so they can potentially interact.

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